Tuesday, February 23, 2010

haha im back to post once again!!

this is a special post to my beloved W319 GoldenYouths!! hahaha... thank you for your enthusiam and inspiration in soccer that had always encouraged me whenever im feeling down... I know most of you didnt know about it, but my body is having alot of problems recently... old injuries coming back once again and i have been scared and worried that whether my one little talent will just disappear like that. having already stopped doing midnight trainings and cut down alot on routine trainings but the pains are still always and there were times that i really cried over me being so helpless with my injuries... but ever since i met you all, played soccer with you all and seeing the enthusiam and inspired you all are when i teach you all soccer, it just encourages me so much that im just not afraid of anything and enjoy soccer with you all. You all will shine very brightly and im very sure you all will be a new light in singapore's stage of soccer... thank you for being my inspiration and let me remember that posibilities is still happening and you all are the possibilities! let us strive with excellence and be the head and not the tail! =)

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to post once again... haha... need to revive this blog since it was dead for quite some time... haha!!

went to play soccer with the W319 guys this morning together with my brother! as the guys wanted to play during asia conference's soccer tournament this may, so thought of asking them to come and play so as to see what i could help them with. I have to admit... i seriously think that W319 has alot of soccer players with hidden talents!! for example: alvin with his "hip-hop" skills that never failed to make me laugh and he is good! norman who can do link up with me on our first try, jerry who have quite good marking skills, pitson with is rock hard body used for good defense! timothy and xun xin who have good shooting instincts! etc etc... man... a team with hidden talents and im just so excited to see this batch of "golden youths" shining brightly during the soccer tournament!

but through soccer today, i have understand the importance of teamwork and having joy in what we do! if we dont enjoy doing something that we are doing now, then it become an unfruitful activity! shall train up myself so that im able to teach them with all i have... really thank God for such an inspiring cg! =)

shall update again and see you peeps! =)

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Monday, January 18, 2010

haha... have started to prepare for my vision 3 years later... so i started it out by wearing ankle weights every day... it was kind of heavy at the start.. because i need to work on my body balance and thus wearing ankle weights will work... and when i took it down on saturday night, preparing to go for my soccer training on sunday... i felt so light-footed!! woohoo... and i got that feeling of the speed wizard back... the long lost feeling... but this time round, its not my will but Yours my Lord. =)

sunday was the first show of my results of my special training... and my legs shocked me to the extent of how fast i can go... haha... but i suffered alot of injuries as well... haha!! scraped both knees, cuts on my left thigh, scraped my left ankle, and my left knee and left ankle are swollen... and the worst of all... a splinter pierced into my right shin when i slided on the field during a fall... and i got nauseous and vomited... but thank God the injury wasnt very bad and its recovering faster than i expected too... but i know... great destiny have great prices to pay... i will lay down my life for Your vision even if my body were to shatter... and because its Your will, You will take care of me... and so God, i decided to dream big... i want to travel around the world to be the rainbow of the raining world of the orphans in the world!! i shall not limit my vision!! =)

shall update my blog again.. see you peeps soon! =)

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

for the year of 2010... it had been a mixture of good and bad... haha... the bad thing is that the parental objection had been getting stronger till a point that i felt very pressurised when im at home, but thank God for Your stretch in my capacity and i managed to handle it with Your grace till now... and the good thing is that i managed to go to service todae!! YAY!! haha... was so sad when my boss told me that i need to work on sat and sun... and on friday night... i decided to believe, visualise and keep declaring that i will go for svc even through facebook and twitter.. >.<
and in the end God made it possible for me!! and i went for svc todae!! but God did even more for me by giving me a sunday free of work!! Praise the Lord! =)

i have seen changes in my vision... i saw myself wearing a jersey with the no 17 instead of the no 7... and through that picture God was telling me to embrace the no 17 and i was quite reluctant, because no 7 was a no that i alwaes like and it means perfect victory in biblical terms... but after todaes sermon... i had to place God in everything i do... and since this is God's dream, i shall obey what God had shown me in my dream and vision... and i decided to embrace the no 17... and 17 = 1 God giving me the perfect victory(7)!! wow!! not my will but Yours be done!! i will declare this no together with my 3 years of preparation to regaining the talents of the speed wizard and i will bring these to teach the orphans and impact them! giving them a new hope!! =)

shall update soon!! cya peeps! =)

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

haha... the 1st week of 2010 didnt start quite well?? haha... took the wrong train line to church on sat for the 1st svc of 2010... instead of going towards joo koon, i went towards pasir ris... haha!! so malu la! and i overslpt for my 1st soccer training of 2010! haha... training is at 11am at redhill, i woke up at 10.45am! hahaaha!! oh man... it started so wrong but its alrite... bcoz i know You are still with me... =)

body had been acting up once again for this week when im starting to train my body back to fitness and training back the soccer skills i once had 10 years back... but its nt for my own will this time... its for You Lord... for You vision tt You gave to me to use this talent n miracle leg of mine to impact the youths with soccer... and thank you Lord for your healing, so that my old injuries arent acting up too badly... it was alot better than last year... thank you God! =)

new year, new changes, new grace, and also a new me! i have decided to have a habit of reading, because since young i disliked reading... talk about reading, its just equal to me sleeping with the book on my hand or even my pillow... haha... but ever since i was saved by You, i have started to have a habit to read the bible everyday at least once... but i still do not really like to read books... so oh Lord i decided... for this year... i shall read a book every month! haha! nothing is impossible for You! haha... so Lord, i still need You to help me with this new habit as Lord... im just hungry for more! i want to know more about You and Your word so that Your revelations and visions will be even clearer and i will be able to spread the good word about You and the miracles and Your love to Your people! =)

shall update my blog again! cya peeps soon! =)

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dear God,

will i be able to play once again as the speed wizard and recover the skills that i have lost during my injury, to refine this talent for You and fulfill Your vision? will i be able to overcome all the pain that i felt in my body everytime i play for You? will i be able to overcome the increasing parental objections or soon-to-be relative's objection when im serving with my best for You?

God... i felt so weak right now... but i know even when the whole world gives up on me, or maybe even when i give up on myself, You will never give up on me and You will always continue to look after me...

Thank you God. =)

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 is ending in 3 days time! and soon we are inviting 2010 into our midst! yea! and looking back in 2009... it was a year of spiritual growth for me... and its not just spritual growth, but growth in all aspects in me... like wisdom, capacity etc... and thank God for that! if i did not know You last year, how will i be able to go through what im going through for this year? with You all things are possible!

Dear God, i really thank You for placing dan and cindy teng into my life as my examples! if not for them who always believe in me and help me overcome my weaknesses, especially my temper... i will not be able to rise up as a helper and serving Your kingdom and Your people with so much joy! even though being a helper is not that easy especially with parental objection, but because You believed in me, i have decided to step out in faith and overcome all the obstacles and challenges with You even if its really hard! Thank you Lord for placing me in W319 after my cg's disband, as i learned alot of new things in this cg, being inspired by the youths that were so hungry for Your Word and also thank you Lord for leading to the guy who will run with me to fulfill my vision! and Thank you Lord once again for stretching my capacity and looking after my needs for 2009! if not for You, i would not have been able to overcome my horrendous boss at work and the parental objections (now includes relatives too) at home... and finally Lord, i thank You for letting me meet this special person who i really want to support and help with my best! oh Lord, i got too much things to thank You for... and i will step out in faith and fulfill the dreams that You gave me, and i will continue to serve Your kingdom and people with my best! =)

shall update it soon! cya peeps! =)

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